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1. Mechanical Hose Making Machine

The machine can be used for different applications as follows:

A: Annular metal hose making machine with mould

B: helical metal hose making machine with mould

C: tube welding machine for the size up to DN50 without hose forming machine

The machine can be used for gas hose, water hose, solar hose, heat exchanger and fire fighting/sprinkler hose manufacturing.

Size range: DN8 up to DN40

Wall thickness: 0.18-0.3mm

Production speed:2.5~3.5m/min

Strip thickness: 0.18-0.3mm

Material: sus304, 321 and 316L

2. PVC Coating Line

I. Extruder Type-SJ 65/25

1) Hard Teeth Surface, type 173 Gearbox

2) 18.5KW Inverter, 4 grade Motor with Chinese famous brand Chint contactor

3) The screw & barrel are 38CrMoAl, Nitriding treatment, depth: 0.2-0.4MM, compression ratio:3.2, Length : diameter:25:1 with water coo

ling system;

4) Thermal heating & electrical: the whole machine apply Chint DC contactor. Intelligent temperature controller, AL heating: 6 zones, 4pcs

with two sections of moulds

5) Size range: DN8-32mm

3.Testing Bench

The machine is widely used for following hose testing:

water hose, gas hose, solar hose and fire fighting hose hydraulic leakage testing

Size range:DN8-32mm


Max. length of the hose: up to 2000mm

No. of hoses testing at the same time: 4-8pcs

Testing medium: water

4.Vertical Fitting Welding Machine

Size range: DN8-32

Welding type: TIG welding

Welding position: circumferential seam welding

Compact structure

Torch Automatic rotating

5. Horizontal Fitting Welding Machine

Size range: DN8-32

Welding type: TIG welding

Compact structure

Part Automatic rotating

6. Hose Compressing Machine

To get more flexible hose, the metal hose will be compressed on this month, the pitch distance will be closed which make hoses more flexible.

Application: vacuum hose/bellow, high flexible bellows

Size range: HJ-BA100 DN25-100mm

HJ-BA200 DN100-200mm

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