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Interlock Hose

Our interlocked metal hoses are made for a variety of specialized industrial applications and are available in a wide range of metals, styles and sizes.The most frequently used material is sus304,meanwhile we can supply hose with other alloys upon special request.

Interlocked hose is manufactured by helically winding preformed metal strip over a sizing mandrel and folding together the adjacent edges forming the interlocked convolutions.

The interlock hoses are mainly used in exhaust system, such as engine exhaust,vacuum and collection service, convey ventilating lilnes and protection for wires and cables.Our hoses are produced in a wide range of ID sizes, metals and weights. This range is available to provide the right hose for the application at the most economical cost. Interlocked exhaust hose utilizes a fully interlocked construction for strength and durability while allowing the hose to have excellent flexing characteristics. The normal configuration of exhaust hose is unpacked and fully extended. In order to minimize leakage, however, exhaust hose can be supplied packed upon request.

The main data are as following table:

ID, mm OD, mm Availible deviation, mm Type Size of coil for production, thikness x width, mm
5.5 7.5 0.20 Round 0.18*9(can be slightly changed)
6.2 8.6 0.20 Round 0.23*9(can be slightly changed)
8.2 10.8 0.20 Round 0.23*9(can be slightly changed)
9.9 12.5 0.20 Round 0.23*9(can be slightly changed)
12.2 14.8 0.20 Round 0.23*9(can be slightly changed)
15.3 17.9 0.25 Round 0.23*9(can be slightly changed)
20.8 23.4 0.30 Round 0.23*9(can be slightly changed)
45.5 49.5 0.50 polygonal 0.25*16
50.5 54.5 0.50 polygonal 0.25*16
55.5 59.5 0.50 polygonal 0.25*16
80.5 84.5 0.50 polygonal 0,4x20
90.5 95.0 0.50 polygonal 0,4x20
100.5 105.5 0.50 polygonal 0,4x20
110.5 114.5 0.50 polygonal 0,4x20
120.5 125.0 0.50 polygonal 0,4x20
interlock hose
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